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School Promotional Videos

School promotional videos tell your story.

Video is a cost-effective way of promoting your school. They are an excellent way of engaging with families. 
who are looking to enrol their children into a new school. In only a few minutes through a series of interviews  you can get across the true atmosphere of your school
What better way to show new students and families, your school in action. School prospectus videos feature interviews with the Headteacher, teachers or even parents talking on camera about how great your school is. These videos allow parents to make an informed decision before they even set foot in your school. It gives a truly immersive experience of life at your school that print or photographs cannot achieve.
Videos can be embedded onto your school web site’s homepage or shared on social media. They can also be shown at school events too. Plus let’s not forget YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine. 

Burnopfield Primary School

Using video to promote your school or college is an effective way of engaging with parents, the community and new admissions. We work with schools and organisations producing video content which is perfect for social media and the web. Prospectus videos are perfect to showcase your school ethos, breadth of curriculum and students.


Prospectus Video,
Burnopfield Primary School

Aycliffe Village Primary School,
Newton Aycliffe

Burnopfield Primary School
Early Years Video

Derwentside College,
Consett, Durham

Aycliffe Village Primary School,
Newton Aycliffe

Beauty Video
Derwentside College

Cestria Primary School,
Chester le Street

Adventure Valley Day Nursery,

Derwentside College,
Consett, Durham

Prospectus Videos Start From Only £1,000

  • Prospectus videos offer an excellent ROI for schools.
  • Much more engaging than a printed prospectus as you can get across your message in only a few words.
  • Is easily shared by parents meaning it cuts costs on your marketing. Posting the videos in the local community means that parents of the school will share it via their own networks. 
  • Videos can be used across a wide range of mediums including social media, your website or in school displays. 
  • Can be easily updated should any staff change their roles.

    The videos have generated lots of positive comments from parents and the wider community and we have been able to use them on our website and social media. I highly recommend using PMI Creative to capture the unique features of your school whether that’s showcasing your curriculum or other achievements. 

    Lyn Adamson
    Head Teacher, Burnhope School

    School Prospectus Videos

    Showcases your school and engages new families

    Parent Testimonials

    Gains trust with future students and families

    Social Media Videos

    Perfect for sharing within the community


    School prospectus videos can either be produced in interview form with a narrative or music-driven showing video footage of your school or college. The majority of the school promotional videos we produce are filmed over one day to ensure it has minimum impact on lessons.
    We are also able to produce smaller videos too for special activities that your school has taking place such as a forest school, external tuition or festivals. These a very popular for Christmas and Harvent events. 
    Educational Promotional Videos are affordable for schools which will fit most school budgets and we offer a fast turnaround as in only a few days after filming it can be used for your marketing. Throughout the project you will work with one person from beginning to end, guaranteeing you a stylish and effective school promotional video. 

    What videos we produce

    Promotional Videos

    Video provides the perfect medium to promote your product or service and can be used time and time again on the web or social media.

    Customer Review Videos

    Trust is one of the most important things for your business, and one of the best ways to generate trust is through testimonial videos.

    Property Tours

    There is no better way to show off a home or property than through video. It gives a prospective buyer or guest the feeling of moving through the property.

    Education Videos

    We work with schools and colleges producing prospectus videos, school tours and education films. 

    Wedding Films

    Our team have filmed weddings from local country hotels and churches to sun-soaked European destinations.


    Whether you are running a local or national event, we are able to broadcast this across the world with our live streaming service.