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Creating your own business cards

A good business card can be hard to come by. If you’ve looked around a bit but don’t see what you want, it may be time to design your own.

Don’t let the small size fool you. A well-designed business card can take a lot of work. But it’s worth it! It’s often the second impression you make as you network in your professional life.

Here’s how to get started designing business cards.

Decide What Goes on Your Card

Some people put their social media handles on their cards. You can choose from any number of contact details. Limit the options to one or two that you frequently check.

Do this first, because the layout of the card is heavily dependent on this text.

Pick Your Paper

There is a huge range of papers and finishes. This is a very personal decision. Take your time and order paper sample packs. Feel each one, and consider how bright you want the colours to be. Choose bright white if you are printing photos or very bright colours.

Refine Your Palette

If you’re a business, you may already have a branding guide that determines your palette. Make sure that your business cards match the style of your other print material unless this is the first part of a design change.

Choose a Shape

These days, business cards benefit from rounded corners, mini shapes, squares, and more variety. Make sure that your card stays on brand, but be creative!

Choose Your Font Carefully

Here is where it’s important to look at your branding guide. Choose a font that clearly represents your company and position. It should be easy to read at a glance.

Use Your Logo Wisely

Update your logo if it doesn’t read well in print in the small size. It should be used as the name of your company, even if there are no words in it.

Make your logo work for you by ensuring that it stands out. Don’t overwhelm it with too many other colours, odd fonts, or borders.

Above All, Be Creative

Try adding special finishes if it’s brand-compatible, cutting shapes out of your card, turning it into a useful item, and using original artwork. 

The business card is tiny but powerful in graphic design. Use the constraints of size and bleed requirements (usually 5mm of space at the edge) to make a powerful impact on the business world.  

  • Jun 05, 2020
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